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The Underwood Story

Wine & Spirit Merchants since 1886

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We've been in this business a long time, which means you can trust our choice in delicious beverages!!

How it all began....

From grandfather to father, Morris John Underwood and his two brothers Michael and Tony had the first dedicated drinks cash and carry in the Midlands, which suffered under the rise of larger supermarkets.  

John Thomas Underwood laid our alcohol infused foundations when he began transporting whiskey from the Johnny Walker Distillery in Kilmarnock in 1886, combining the cask with the naturally soft local water to 'break down' the whiskey from 136 to 78 proof. 

Underwood's had shipped from Scotland, Sherry & Port in Wooden casks, which was then bottled and distributed from the Midlands, near and far.  


Men are like wine. Some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age!!

Pope John XXIII

And Now....

Tim and Nick have run the business together since 1980. Underwood Wines is now extremely proud to be in it's 40th year! We moved from our much loved base at The Old Pie Factory in 2017 to The Hangar, where we can be found today. 

Using our generations of experience, we bring the best regular wine supply to our esteemed clients, nationally, from our Warwickshire base. We also supply wholesale to the trade. We can design and supply bespoke wine lists and regularly supply a variety of pubs and restaurants. 

Men are like wine. Some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age!!

Pope John XXIII

Shop online or download our wine list & email us with your order. Why not pop in or telephone Tim & Nick in the old fashioned way.

Men are like wine. Some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age!!

Pope John XXIII

"Sir, you are drunk". "And you madam are ugly. But in the morning, I shall be sober".

Winston Churchill 

An event isn't an event without Underwoods bars and Mr Pimm's in attendance! We can often be found at private events, local fairs and street parties supplying wine, beer and spirits from our portable outside bars. For the winter months, you can rely on us to bring the mulled wine! 

Underwood Wines can supply specialist old & rare wines for your pleasure, collection or investment. We can advise on wine rack dressing, cellar dressing, cellar valuations and cellar clearance. We offer a unique international specialist wine and spirit brokerage service for a single bottle or two that you may have acquired over the years. Please get in touch if we can help. 

You can't go wrong with a fine vintage Port and stinky Stilton!

Underwoods very own Banksy

The Hangar is a great place to visit. Call in and browse through hundreds of wonderful wines and spirits. Individual wine tastings can be arranged on request and many wines can be tried prior to purchase. Explore your wine hobby while admiring our classic car collection in a beautiful, quiet, relaxed location. Bliss! Please call to make an appointment. 

Underwoods very own Banksy
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