My first imperial, so can't say if its representative or not. That said, compared to other riojas I've had, this is bloody good! Wouldn't know its 28 years old. Yes, it's clearly mature, but it's certainly not over the hill. Reddish brown colour. Rich and oaky on the nose, mushroomy hints, and plenty of vanilla. Seriously smooth, mearest hint of tannin in the mid palate. No real fruit, but lots of tertiary flavours, forest floor, and the assertive oak with some lovely integrated acidity that really cleanses the palate. Very long finish that dries a little at the end. Overall a really lovely wine. As I said, no real basis for comparison on this age/quality of rioja, so can't say if it will continue to age well, but it's fantastic now.

CVNE Imperial Reserve 1991 Rioja