Utterly beguiling, this 40 year old Port was easily the star of New Year's Eve. Still vibrant in hue with plenty of colour, the aroma whilst decanting was a delicious teaser of what was to come and I couldn't resist a sip. Given a few hours in the decanter this developed layer upon layer upon layer of flavour. Still remarkably fruity with a seductive spiciness and velvety tannins that enveloped the palate. The feel of this wine was the most surprising aspect, time has transformed it into something really rather sensuous that glides through the mouth. You just want to savour this Port, take your time, feel it just a little longer, roll it around, almost dance with it, and then it's gone. But it isn't, the finish lingers and captivates. It stays with you, playfully haunting, and you cannot help but go back for another sip. Wonderful wine.

Dow's 1972 Vintage Port