Remy Martin Centaure Royal Cognac, ground bottle, old type, 700ml
In the Mid Eighteenth Century, The House of Remy Martin created a cognac expressly and exclusively for the rules of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, The Royal House of Hapsburg.
Remy Martin has once again created an exquisite cognac expressly for discerning connoisseur.


Centaure Royal, the "Royal" Remy Martin. A singular blend of perfectly aged fine champagne cognac. Then, as now, a cognac of remarkable body and bouquet created to grace a Royal table or please the most sophisticated palates and "noses" in the world.

Every bottle bearing the brass Centaure Medallion, the mark of Remy Martin, known since 1724 as the house in cognac that has raised the art of marking cognac to its highest level

Remy Martin Centaure Royal Ultra Rare