Ultra Rare !! Find Another Ararat Dvin is the delightful 10-year-old brandy, the first masterpiece of the Ararat Exclusive Collection, created in 1945 by Markar Sedrakyan, master-blender of the Yerevan Brandy Company. In the course of its history, Dvin received numerous awards, including 13 gold medals won in international competitions. The 50% alcohol Dvin was a favourite drink of the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. He first tried it during his meeting with Stalin and Roosevelt in Yalta. Thereafter, on Stalin’s orders, Churchill subsequently received a shipment of Dvin every month. Until the end of his days, the Prime Minis- ter was a devoted admirer of this legendary Armenian brandy, since Dvin is a drink for real connoisseurs who can properly appreciate the unique qualities of a great brandy.In 2011, ArArAt is relaunching its masterpiece in new packaging. The legendary blend named after the legendary medieval capital of Armenia, Dvin is the embodiment of a new bright and modern image. The crown of the Arshakids represents a new symbol, the reigning dynasty during Dvin’s most prosperous times. Merchant caravans were a reminder of several centuries when Dvin was