Domaine de Bordes is in the heart of Gascony, the vineyard extends on 90 ha of matured vines. With the light soils & the 'oceani' climate, it offers optimum maturity for the different grapes: Colombard (36 hectares) Sauvignon Blanc & Gris, Ugni Blanc, Petit & Gros Manseng. These grapes produce very fruity & dry white wines, with flavours of exotics fruits and flavors of white flowers.
With the Cabernet Sauvignon they make an amazing fresh and flavorsome rosé. The Merlot offers aromas of red fruits.
Proprietors since 1927, the Morel family looks after the vineyards, the wine-making, and the distillation, with great care. Thanks to the knowledge and passion for the distillation process,  they also produce high quality of Armagnacs.


ABV 40% by volume 70cl bottle


1994 Chateau De Bordes Vintage Armagnac