About Us

John Thomas Underwood laid our alcohol infused foundations when he began transporting whiskey from the Johnny Walker distillery in Kilmarnock in 1886, combining the cask with the naturally soft local water to ‘break down’ the whiskey from 136 to 78 proof.

Despite J T serving in North Africa from 1914 and the Birmingham Warehouse being destroyed in the Blitz, the Underwood enterprise grew through the First and Second World Wars, earning considerable goodwill from its customers by bottling for the Army Catering Core and avoiding the burgeoning black market. As England grew from the rubble of the 1940’s so did the Underwoods, distributing port and sherry from the Midlands and opening 40 wine shops nationwide.

Over time the rise of supermarket shopping and loss leaders led us to refocus on what we do best; high quality wine recommendation, second to none event supply and sourcing fine and rare alcohol to serve discerning clients who are not content with an off the shelf service. To this day Underwood’s prides itself on a robust knowledge of the international wine and spirits market, as well as building personal connection with clients to enable an uncompromising delivery of their demands.

Whether you are a bar or restaurant looking to stock your venue with quality house drinks and sought after specials, an event organiser wishing to assure a quality drinks service or an individual looking to navigate your way through the world of wine (with a couple of drinks along the way), do get in touch for a free consultation of your needs.

Like J T Underwood before us, we’re willing to go the extra mile to connect our customers with the drinks they want and the service they demand.